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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Wow. I've been trying to ignore you on the forums but damn your responses are so stupid and misinforming. "255/275 will offer no further traction to your car and will only likely feel less sharp for turn-in." What are you talking about? Having wider tires in the rear gives the car significantly more grip than the 265's. If you had something stupid like 295 in the back and 245 in the front you'd have a lot of under/over steer (not sure which one I always forget). BMW knew what they were doing YES but that's because they have to keep a very WIDE variety of different people happy. Many people after running the OEM set-up and using the rubber up will instantly move to 255/275.

I'm gonna be running with 295/275 on my BBS FI rims, maybe I should go consult BMW if they think it's safe and if it's the best set-up.

Well if you upgrade wheels to a bigger size you obviously need wider tires but at 295 you will be using a 30 sidewall and will probably be close to stock height. Just ignore me if you don't like my posts. I don't follow you around and comment on your posts. Its beginning to get wierd how you always find my posts and comment. creepster