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Originally Posted by Z K View Post

7:21 Nissan GT-R (2012) Toshio Suzuki October 2011 Nissan conducted test.

7:24 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Horst von Saurma Sport Auto (11/2010)

The 7:18 lap time for the GT2 RS is on Sport Cup tires which are race tires. GT-R runs on street tires.

Top Gear Power Board:

1:17.8 - Nissan GT-R (2012)
1:19.5 - Porsche 997 GT2

CUPs are street tires, as are Corsas, which also come standard on GT3s/RSs, too include the RS2. It's not like the GT-R comes with regular street tires either. There isn't much difference between what comes OEM on the RS or which comes OEM on a GT-R when it comes to grip.

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