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I want to tell you all how great Mike was to me. I decided to get coding done on my car, a good amount of things and Mike gave me a reasonable price and even threw in a few extras while he was coding for me. Now this is where Mike gets great, we ran into a problem while coding, High Battery Drain and everything went into a halt, my HID angel eyes stop working and the windows would too. So we had to end it there and get the car some charging time.

This is two hrs later we gave it another shot, the angel eyes still not working and the windows were now but NOW the driver side window wouldnt roll all the way up, it would keep coming back down half way. Mike was very very patient and there was a time where we both were getting frustrated, yet everything maintained professional. We couldnt figure it out and it was decided the battery voltage was either the cause or i needed to go visit the dealer. YEA sucks i KNOW!.

Half hr later i realized their was tint glue on the bottom portion of the window and once i removed most it, BAM! the window worked perfectly. Now at this time Mike coded my car back to STOCK! to relieve these errors, so WE did it AGAIN! Yes he is PATIENT!. This time no problem coding everything all over took no more than half an hour TOPS. My angel eyes were acting funny because the battery was so low and the HID wouldn't fire up, After a good charge now there back to being bright and no errors. Everything works just like it should, now just waiting for my LCI tails to come in.

This process took a WHOLE day when all that was needed was half an hr and a good charge on a battery. Needless to say if anyone that wants to get coding done, DO IT with Mike, hes very helpful and patient even when his neighbors where rumbling his walls with their huge ass subwoofers hahaa. Thanks Mike for coding my car and being helpful when it was needed.