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Originally Posted by chungdae View Post
The 2012 GTR is well over $110,000 out the door. I'm in the process of buying one.
See, this was my point. An M3 is really a $60,000 car that can be optioned. You really can't even get a GTR for less than $100k and perhaps $110k according to you.

Plus, people don't like hearing this, but Nissan can subsidize their supercar with the millions of econ-boxes they sell. The GTR is just a brand enchancer that they probably lose money producing.

Ferrari doesn't have to sell cheap supercars because they only make high end cars with big price tags Why? People will pay $250,000 for a Ferrari. Nissan makes everything from cheap crap to the amazing GTR. Still, people wouldn't be lining up to pay $250,000 for a Nissan. They will for a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Aston Martin.

I'm not bagging on Nissan or the GTR because it's a great car that can match up against basically anything on the planet for cheaper. Instead, I'm simply pointing out that Nissan's model is entirely different from other "supercar" manufacturers and thus the cheapness of it is for reasons I listed above. It's not that Ferrari couldn't produce a cheaper car in their lineup with similar performance; it's that they don't have to.