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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
I didn't read 90% of this thread, I just read the first page.
Most of you guys are so anal. The guy just wanted someone else to verify if anyone has this "missfire" feel in their own car, and you guys come out firing, flaming, calling names, etc. I mean holy shit, just try the procedure and say yes or no. It would probably take less energy than posting here all this time and arguing about this.

Ironically I'm new to the board but I've been reading quite a bit and that was my initial thought. It only required a simple yes or no answer. It seems par for the course but if I recall correctly part of joining a forum such as this is for assistance with issues etc etc. I'm quite sure the OP didn't need anyone else to tell him how to drive and whats the proper rpm to maintain etc.

As someone who lives in NYC I suppose I should be considered a poser as any old car would do yet I have an M3 on order. 90% of the time I'm completely stuck in traffic or stuck at a light or one thats about to turn red so yes for me I have no interest in 8400 upshift, does that mean I don't qualify for a good time the other 10% of the time?