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Originally Posted by freestone View Post
How did the install turn out?
Install came out great, you can see it here. I highly recommend each and every component.

Originally Posted by freestone View Post
This is exactly what I am thinking about for an e90 sedan. But I have Logic 7 system. No i-drive.

The ms-8 processor/amp is also a great solution for me, but I hear that if creates an echo on bluetooth phone usage?
I'm not too familiar with the MS-8 and upgrades to L7 systems, but I think I've read the MS-8 works great without needing line output converters... I think you can plug all your L7 amp speaker outputs in the MS-8. Not sure about the Bluetooth echo, but I'm sure if you search MS-8 you'll get all the answers you need.

Originally Posted by freestone View Post
Is there any reason to add a sub in the trunk for classic rock if you upgrade the underseat speakers?
I would just upgrade the underseat woofers and see if thatís enough bass for you. I think the Jehnerts do amazingly well with rock and even music with a lot of low bass like techno. Iíd skip a trunk sub for now and see if you like the sound without a sub. If you ever had a decent sub though, youíll probably miss that extra kick. I did, so Iím upgrading with an Audison Bit One.1, Arc Audio KS500.1 mini and Musicar NWís trunk sub.

Originally Posted by freestone View Post
Recommend keeping the center channel speaker and the rears?
You'll get a lot of different opinions on this. I've always been an old-fashioned 2 channel stereo person, so I've never used a center channel, although i always use rear speakers to keep back seat listeners entertained. Supposedly a center channel can raise the sound stage up; I've already installed the Bit One.1 and with the time delay settings tweaked it sounds like vocals are coming from right in front of me. The MS-8 probably does even better with its auto tuning.

Originally Posted by freestone View Post
Front: Morel
Underseat Jehnart
Amp: ? JL or Zapco or ... ?
Processor: ms-8 or bit-one?
Rear sub: none or ?
Morels and Jehnerts all the way. Iíve read the SW-8 underseat drivers do better with low bass at the expense of upper bass. For amps I went with 2 Arc Audio KS125.4 minis (4x75 into 4 ohms for front and rear and 2x250 bridged into 4 ohms for underseat) and 1 KS500.1 (500x1 at 4 ohms for sub).
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