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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Really, even better than 911 GT3. The LF-A deserves to stand right next to the McLaren F1.
I think the Macca F1(LM please) IS the greatest supercar ever, but a LFA won't even come close sorry. Look at the weight, look at the electronics/gadgets of the LFA.

Better choose its son the MP 4-12C(which had a few 'problems' with its electronics too ) or my favourite at the moment: the 458.

And a GT3? It's a very good car but its not as balanced as a Cayman/Boxster whatever.

If only the Norschleife laptime tells something about the handling.....pfff.

Go for a 956 rightaway then

Another example:
F10 M5 does the NS >10 seconds faster than a Cayman R. Do you really think the F10 M5 is the better handling car? Don't think so. Though I LOVE the new M5 and I'm not a big fan of the Boxster/Cayman series at all. The 991? Anytime!

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