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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
55in is too big...

but even so, the extra $$$ isn't worth it

a UN46D8000 is $1586, $500 more for a 55in isn't worth it (plus 55 is too big)

46C8000 is $1149-1446, so a good savings over the D8000 model
I think size is relative.

if you're in a small room, don't even consider a 55"

my buddy's 60" is way too big for his viewing area, where my place i settled with a 55" because it was the best at the time, I could easily do a 60" and people wouldn't think it was too big. But my living area is massive.

When i move on to my next TV, my mom will get my 55" and it will still be too small for the space in her place. but again, it's all relative.

I'd love to do a projector, but there's no point, my place is too small for it, or it would be pointless with the space i have. If you have a projector, go big. Otherwise it's wasted.

those new 70 and 80" tvs that just came out are borderlined rediculous, but if your living room is 50' long by 50' wide, it's going to be too small still.