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Originally Posted by SirSpeedy View Post
I'm satisfied with how the Rogue ssk, zcp knob, clutch spring removal, and clutch stop mods compliment each other.

I personally have the RE shifter + ZHP Knob + Clutch Spring delete and I LOVE the way my M shifts..

At first, I had the RE installed and I was 50% satisfied. The throws WERE shorter but it was a bit notchier. This threw off my timing with the clutch as I felt like it would take just as long to shift as OEM because of the notchiness. I needed more...

Then I did the clutch spring delete mod. This is probably the BEST clutch mod to date.. I always felt like the clutch point was ambiguous and was always changing (although it wasnt). This simple and no cost mod fixed this.

Last I wanted to find a way to fix the notch on my shifter and I tried the ZHP knob since it was such a low cost option. Slapped it on for a week and I've been in love ever since..

My recommendation is this; get the ZHP knob and do the clutch spring delete mod first. If you're not satisfied at this point then do a SSK to shorten your throws. RE is a bit notchier but has a better feel going into each gate (1-2-3-4-5-6).. You can distinguish the gates much better. The UUC+DSSR might be shorter in throws but it is not notchy at all. You may feel like you're not sure if you're fully engaged in a gear.

Hope this helps.

Reference: I HAVE the RE shifter. My best friends has the UUC DSSR combo. Also, I came from a 997s and 987s both with the porsche SSK which feels WORLDS better than the M3 (everyone knows this). At this point, I can actually say my combo feels great and makes me very happy about the way my M shifts.
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