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I would highly reccomend AGAINST zaino! I know some people swear by it but I gave it a crack for almost two years to give it a fair shot and while it was ok, their sealants and protectants were just a pain to use and really really were hard to wipe off and left a lot of residue. The problem is you have to add this little activator solution to the "wax" (its not wax its all sealants they use" or otherwise the wax will not bond to the paint. Then you have to put on such a tiny amount or else it will be impossible to get off for days even with multiple wipe-downs. Problem is that it is hard to put on that little, even with a porter cable and soft black pad. You have to spritz the pad and add a bit and then spread it as thin as you can if you want to have a shot at getting the right amount. Then it is a pain to wipe off and really hard and sticky.

Ultimatley it gives less shine than the Menzerna that I switched to now so there is no benefit other than being a pain.

I would highly reccomend the menzerna sealant ( forget exact name) It is literally impossible to apply too much since it wipes off with absolute ease and none is sticky or tough to get off. It spreads on easy and when dry it wipes off as easy as polish residue. The shine is brilliant even on a silverstone car which is hard to make "shiny" It is super fast and easy which are great!