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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
honestly, if i remember correctly, I believe i picked up the 7000 about a year back, and absolutely love it and don't regret the purchase (slim 3D LED 55")

however, I look at the market now, and stuff like that can be purchased for less then half the price i picked it up for now. My friend just picked up a 60" LED for about half what i paid for my 55" and it's got about the same features, minus the 3D

my advice is, get the size you want, and the options you need. Don't look at the top of the line ones for no reason, don't get suckered in. The tvs that are a year old are just as good as the ones now, I don't need WIFI on my tv, I don't need 3D on my tv. just figure out what you do need, and go from there.

I basically bought top of the line for one reason, photo editing. That was my whole reasoning for taking the road I took, otherwise, i would have gone for something simpler and half the price.

besides, get something cheap because you and I both know, you'll be replacing the tv within 2-3 years anyhow with something newer, bigger, and more features that don't exist now

2 Years ago, I paid about $1k for my current UN40C6000
I did 2 years 0% interest, and I just paid it off lol. 0% FTW.

I can sell it for $500 to my aunt who wants it, so that means I only paid $500 to have the TV for 2 years...not too bad right?

The reason I'm looking at the UN46C8000:
I would like Wifi, but I think I will need to get the UN46D8000 for that (or maybe even the 9000 series)

I do want apps.
I use my 360 for Netflix, but I would love to have it on the TV so I don't need to use the 360.

I need a thin TV for where I have my set up. I want it to be stylish, and I like the design of the Samsungs.

When you got your C last year, you probably paid $2k+ for it right?

so at $1149, that's about half

I can't find anything under $1k with 1080p 240Z with apps

Only real question is do I need it...
No I don't... but if I don't sell my TV to my aunt, she will go buy something else.

We have 3 of the same UN40C6000 in the house, so it's not like I can put it elsewhere and replace it with the 46C8000.... hence why I need to sell my current TV to justify any new TV

even if I don't get the 46C8000....any other recommendations?
240hz, 1080P LED


The UN46D8000 is $1586, so $450 more
Not sure if it's worth it. only real interesting thing on is it the remote w/ keyboard...

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