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Originally Posted by buschy View Post
Someone please please tell me why on Earth would BMW put out an $82k special edition Frozen Silver M3 and NOT put premium audio in it?

As stupid as this sounds, this is making me hesitate on purchasing this car. I have had cars with the premium an without. I told my self I would never buy a bmw without it again. To me it is a Huge difference.

Anyone here feel the same.
that and I can order a Individual car for way less
. hmm
If you request a Frozen M3 thru Individual with the exact same equipment level of this Frozen Silver it will cost you quite more than $82K MSRP. The CF interior trim alone would be about $3000 just because of the new CF center console and rear vents trim.

So no, you cannot order an Individual car for "way" less than this one unless you order "less" Individual options.

And the missing Individual Audio/EPS option? It can be easily exceeded in quality and in cost by going aftermarket, and still make it look OEM. The only advantage that the Individual Audio has over the HiFi is at higher volume because in lower volume both sound pretty much the same -muddy. Yes, I have owned both systems and my current M3 has the HiFi for a reason.

I just finished retrofitting all the Individual Audio OEM speakers (except the useless underseat OEM woofers and including a new OEM rear shelf for the rear component speakers) in my M3 and looks like it came from factory. And after powering them with just the HiFi OEM amp as a test the improvement over the standard audio is quite significant, especially at lower volumes -the "muddyness" is gone but at higher volumes still sucks.

That will be taken care of by 2 PDX amps and an MS-8 this weekend.