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Angel Eyes Ė LED vs HID (Xenon)

Hi Everyone, thought this topic may be of interest as Angel eyes seem to be quite a common add on and quite easy to do. Iíve had both now and am running the HIDís I got from Alpine MSS, USA also had a set of AngeliBright version 3 -10 watt LEDs. As Iíve mentioned before my background is Electronic Engineering so this was a fairly easy install for me. There are pros and cons for both, so Iíll list what I found and would be very interested to hear of others with experiences of either.
LED Version.
Very easy to fit, although the AngeliBright was a bit of a pain with the heatsinks. This was a 10 watt LED mounted rear facing on an aluminium block and a bolt on heatsink. They plug straight in to the factory connector which goes to a small controller, then to the LED H8 assembly.
I did not like the wire harness that came with this model and had to completely rework it. The controller module failed on over temperature constantly and the wiring had to be extended enough to be able to place this at the bottom of the headlamp housing where it was much cooler. This fixed the problem. The wire quality was not what you expect; hook up wire rather than silicone coated high temperature wire. There was no in- line fusing on these which is a real worry if they fail short.
The manufacturer was very keen to co-operate and committed to improving.

Relatively easy to fit, are completely enclosed in the headlamp enclosure and require no external connection to the battery supply. At 10 watts they run fairly cool and an LED has a very long life expectancy. They also draw very little power compared to the regular 35 watt H8 lamp and are around the same brightness.

CONS: with LED
Not very bright, not much more than stock if that. Look great around dusk but have fairly low output as a true daylight running light. Itís hard to get a good light output on the M3 due to the design of the headlights unlike other cars like Audi that have front facing individual LEDs

HID Version: More work fitting and require fitting of an external relay plus two ballasts. Wiring also has to be tucked under the Snap-On headlight cover cap. There is a ďdummy load resistorĒ on these to stop lamp fail errors. It turned out this was wire wrapped and not soldered on my install and another one I did. The seller from Alpine MSS was co-operative on this and assured in future these would be soldered. Apart from that the kit was well presented and represented much better value for money than the LED kit at around $100.00 cheaper with many more parts. There is a YouTube install video for this which is very helpful except I totally disagree with not bothering to disconnect the battery or handling the HID bulbs with anything other than gloves.

These are really bright. A 6000K (Nice crisp pure white) HID 35 watt lamp outputs about 2.5 times more than the 35 watt stock halogen lamp. They look really good and pass the acid test, that is when you pull up behind another car in full daylight even if itís dirty you can see clearly the inner and outer rings.

CONS: with HID
Installation is more work and requires an external connection to the battery to power the external ballasts. External wiring needs to be routed under the snap on headlamp cap. They are so bright the inner rings tend to flare a bit at close range.
In my case I really prefer HID because of the brightness. The hard part with an M3 is the design of the lights is an inner fitting that takes the lamp and a conductive optical light path to the outer rings which is why the outer rings are often dimmer than the inner rings. The upside though is the appearance. Iíve heard very good reports about LUX LEDs but LEDs can never be as bright as HID at this time.
It would be good to hear some other opinions and experiences

HID Daylight and Dusk Below

LED Daylight and dusk below

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