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Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
If you dont drive your car to its limit, you better have bought a civic. Are you a poser that just bought your M3 to show off your car? I have no problem with people driving slow, i most of the time follow the speed limit as well (speed limit + 10km/hr) but have problem with cars staying on the left lane while they are people that wants to drive faster, then they totally deserve to be cut off
I can understand your aggravation with slow cars in the left lane, since it's supposed be the _passing lane_ and not a _park your butt and never leave_ lane. But, I think you're off base if you're characterizing those who drive their M3s calmly on freeways as "posers."

IMHO, the poser is the guy weaving through freeway traffic thinking that's what "driving at the limit" is about.

Driving at the limit in a BMW is more about trailbraking into T2 at Laguna Seca, correcting for power-on oversteer as you come out of T11 at Infineon, and doing a gentle four-wheel drift at 95 mph through a high-speed corner and using every inch of exit and then some.

And if you've never driven a car at its limit, the E9x M3 isn't the first car you want to try it in, except perhaps in a safe, controlled environment, like an autocross or a high performance driving school.

Finally, virtually any car can be fun at the limit, be it an M3, a Civic, or a Pontiac Sunfire.