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Opinion on USED Grand-Am Continental/Hoosier Race Tires

A number of reputable race teams sell their used grand-Am Cup specific Continental/Hoosier Race Tires. They are allegedly only lightly used and have between 2 and 4 heat cycles (or 2 hours) in them.

Does anyone around here have actual track experience with these? I am entertaining the idea of getting a set as they are pretty cheap. There are however a few things that worry me:
1. How many extra heat cycles can I expect to put into them before they're shot?
2. Are all used tires about even in their wear state?
3. I understand this is a spec tire that is not equivalent to other Hoosier tires. What's the closest equivalent tire in terms of tread wear? Hoosier R6, BFG R1? Toyo R888? Other?

I currently get about 6-8 track days out of my current track tires (NT-01 or R888). I like the idea of buying used track tires to lower the cost. However, if I can only get 2 or 3 track days out of them, and then you factor in the cost on mounting 4 tires, I'm not sure this is such an economical and convenient approach.

Any thoughts?

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