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Just to clarify the asking is 30k with taxes works out to 34k. I see your logic however with the model coming out and probably no incentives to push them out people may be inclined be buy used. I understand the whole logic and depreciation idea...... Frankly tho i have not seen an 08 335i sedan both private and dealer with similar kms priced at 28 or 29 ESP cpo. So based on that 30k in IMO a pretty good deal. Also many people do not want or care for warranty that is up to the buyer.
My way if they buy it they are still fully covered till march and if they choose can purchase extended warranty.
If u look at 50 kms plus, then ya u can Get a 335 for 25k plus taxes however with 125kms. So the 25k car has 6years of wear and tear kms 125kms assuming 20 per year. While mine has 1.5 years of realistic wear and tear based on kms. So if a 5grand diff is to much. Then good luck to the person taking care of issues on a car with 125k and no chance of getting extended warranty. Even on 100 kms or 70 kms. The small premium of getting a daily driver car with little kms and so well maintained IMO offsets a 4000savings on lower priced cars and prices it accordingly to an xi model.