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Originally Posted by number335 View Post
What happens if you decide to become a warewolf with the Companions? I decided to hold off on accepting that until I knew what that turned me into.
click HERE for Pros and Cons

Beast Blood
Becoming a Werewolf bestows the Beast Blood ability, which grants a 100% resistance to all diseases in both human and beast forms, but does not allow you to acquire resting bonuses.

Beast Form
As a Werewolf, you get the power Beast Form. This lets you transform into a werewolf once per day. Once transformed, you are in your beast form for 180 seconds. You can stay in beast form longer by feeding on humanoid corpses. This gives you 50 points of health and another 30 seconds of beast form.

Advantages while in Beast Form:
  • Max health increases by 100.
  • Max stamina increases by 100.
  • Faster sprint (even faster than horses).
  • Wolves don't attack you.
  • Crimes committed as a werewolf don't give you bounty.
  • Can let out a loud roar with the Shout/Power key to cause all enemies nearby to run in fear for 60 seconds. There are two other roars, which you will have to unlock.
  • Can perform a leaping power attack that insta-kills most opponents. To do this, perform a power attack while sprinting towards the target, in Beast Form. Be careful though, your aim must be good to hit the target and you do travel a small distance past them, possibly into hazards such as traps and dangerous falls.
  • Can occasionally pick up (by the neck) and throw humanoid enemies great distances, as well as biting off their heads, both for an instant kill.

Disadvantages of Beast Form:
  • Can't switch out of third person view.
  • Can't loot the corpses of anything you kill.
  • Can only regain health when you consume corpses.
  • Can't pick up items.
  • Can't use Weapons, Spells, Items, Equipment, Shouts, or Powers.
  • May have trouble fitting through doorways.
  • Can't speak with anyone.
  • Almost everyone becomes hostile (Some other werewolves will sometimes not object to you changing in front of them).
  • If someone sees you transform there's a 1000 gold fine.
  • Can't use the character menu at all.
  • Can't sneak.
  • If you have the Beast Form ability, you are not eligible for being "rested" or "well rested".