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Sold to "Mrjayo" Sellers beware!!!!!! this guy (kid) is relentless on haggling prices. Even after I made it very clear to the buyer over the phone the lowest I will go is $300 he still tried to pull out $250 on me. Again this guys (kids) word is worth nothing. I just wanted to tell all the good, straight up, honest people on this board to watch out and avoid wasting you're time. I know it might seem minor but it really bothered me.

In the end the kid paid $280...With age I have learned to let the little things go, in the past the buyer might not have been so fortunate and I would have loved to make an example out of him. (It would have been funny to refuse the sale after he just drove 2hrs to my house!) Anyways sorry for the rant I just cant stand people that dont value their own word. Besides the kid probably need the extra $20 cause his parents cut his allowance this week!