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I also think yours is worth around the $28K range, esp. factory warranty will run out in about 3 months time. $29K would be the absolute top range, given low km.

Few other factors working against you right now. Yours is a RWD, we are in winter months now, buyer is looking for AWD, mostly. Secondly, very good factory & dealer discounts on the leftover MY2011. Thirdly, the MY 2012 (at least the RWD) would be here in about 6 months time and yours will go down even more (as your car is officially considered to be a 4 year old as it would be valued at around $25K or so at that time) once it's actually sitting in the showroom, although those people buying the new gen will not get a big discount when it arrives.

If you indeed get your asking price of $33K, the buyer will have to pay taxes on top of that, thereby the real price to the buyer is $37K ... not your intrepretation of $30K+taxes = $33K.

Lastly, we all know the dealer will ask for the sky when it comes to used CPOs but asking & getting is a totally different story. The typical markup can be in the $6 - $9K range for a typical 3s.

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