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Originally Posted by 1sikbmr View Post
plastidip does not harm or is not permanent. It is a spray on vinyl that peels off like rubber when you are done with it.

Originally Posted by Mahzari View Post
I would not plastidip rims on an M3... This isn't e46fanatics

But that's just me
Originally Posted by ///Matthew View Post
Buy M3, PlastiDip wheels.
It's fine, I loved it. Don't feel anything about disregarding the ignorant comments above.

I sprayed my wheels, tracked on them, removed the coating, then sold the wheels. The finish looked great when you got it right (I messed up 2 wheels so had to re-apply) and was relatively easy to remove. It was especially awesome since all of the brake dust caked onto the Plasti, so when I stripped it all off, the wheels, which of course I had washed prior to spraying, stayed clean. Removal is as simple as either A) Rubbing via hand pressure or just getting a purchase and pulling or B) using a Goo Gone solution to rub it off.

To the comment I saw above about mounting the wheel without damaging the finish, it isn't unbelievably fragile like that, but you do want to grab the spokes of the wheels with your hands, then as your mounting the wheel, try not to put too much pressure on your hands. Exert pressure over an area rather than on a single tiny spot, otherwise you can rub away the finish on that single tiny spot.

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