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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
Yes, and as a libertarian I am not too big of a fan of this but the question remains; how is this going to affect almost everyone? The answer is it won't affect you at all unless you are legitimately into sketchy stuff at which point there are hundreds of other ways to track / listen in on you. The govt has placed trackers on the cars of certain college students... electronics these days are so complex especially in cellphones that there are hundreds of different ways to listen in, check on people without any pre-bundled apps software from manufacturers.
Oh I totally agree, unless your doing something you shouldn't - then there isn't a "problem"

but at the same time, if they listen at random and something you say is taken out of context, you wake up in a blacked out helicopter wondering what the hell just happened.

Personally, I don't feel this tracking should ever be in place and if the patriot act wasn't passed out of irrational fear - it would at least require a warrant.

but, they could be listening to you right now. They could turn your camera on and take pictures without you knowing or having it saved to your phone.. they can turn your Web cam on on your laptop to see what your doing, or who.

They could be flagging me as a terrorist right now for typing these exact words, just because I don't agree with the Matrix Overlord style of observation, and unwarranted invasion into my private American life.