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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Disagreeing with Obama's policies does not equate with your statement. Those who truly feel what you're expressing, and have already decided, are at odds with the idea of this man as president, which in my opinion is irrational.

I'll accept (but disagree with) one who says that the stimulus (which was successful) should have been replaced by trickle-down economics (which has never actually worked, and would take years anyway).

I'll accept (but disagree with) one who says that the healtcare reform pay-in mandate (which actually eliminates decades of freeloading that repubs have complained about) should be replaced with some other form of cost control (as of yet unspecified by repubs).

But I can't accept your categorization of Obama without some justification. And I'm well aware that you don't give a rat's ass what I think, but I'm merely stating that I don't believe the justification has been put out there, should you decide to enlighten us. Because right now, it sounds an awful lot like Sarah Palin's "real Americans" mumbo-jumbo.

Obamacare will put many firms out of business, especially small business. This is a fact, nothing to argue about.

Mandating companies to offer a certain compensation of benefits to employees is not moderate.