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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
^I was debating that with my friends. At the 60K mark..I'd probably choose a new Cayman S as much as I love BMW's and all.
its a better choice. i've driven them all and even debated between the cayman/ cayman s against a z4m. the regular cayman is much more exhilarating to drive than the z4m. although the z4m is quite the performer, the porsche just has a very uniform driving experience. Porsche itself is just in a different league. our family has owned e46 330ci, e90 330i (mine), x5 4.8is, x5 4.4i, 750il, 535i, cayene turb s, and a boxster and off the bat there is a huge difference in building theory and build quality. Porsche doesnt put new technology on their cars till its proven, bmw experiments. Hence the 335i for a good example. Ever hear any problems with any of the 911 turbos or the newly introduced cayman?

Originally Posted by murellus View Post
bmw's product line is getting crowded and with the 1 series will only make it even more crowded...but that aside...i cant see the m3 costing that much...what is the separation between the m3 and m5 at this point? not that much money.
thats true. but i think its a smart move. bmw wants to take the market of the 24-31k priced cars which includes the wrx/sti, evo, gti, 350z..etc.. its a HUGE market.

Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
I second that if the m3 pops over 70k.
jj if it was your pops, he'd opt get the cayman s if it was anywhere close to 50 haha..

Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
Cayman S will cost alot more with similar options and will have significantly less power! I am sticking with the M and if the so called launch is in april then I am taking ED in the fall and having mine before all you guys HEHEHEHE LOL
If you were opting to get a porsche and its not a cayenne or a 911 turbo, you usually dont pack the cars with alot of options. its quite popular to add in heated seats, xenon, and bose but a lot of Porsche buyers love their cars more bare bones when they are looking at the cayman/s boxster/s and 911/c4. Also if you've ever tried buying a Porsche, you will know that you can get quite a discount on these cars. If you deal right, you can get anywhere from 10-15% off the cars sticker which would make a regular 911 a potential threat to the m3 msrp.
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