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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
It also will depend on which brand of tire you use - one with a square shoulder (AD08) will probably rub more than one with a rounded shoulder (PSS).
While I don't have them, I've heard that the PSS's have a more square sidewall than the PS2's did, so it may not be dissimilar to the AD08s.

User "" has 295/30s on the rear of his E90 ZCP, and stated that there was slight rubbing at full compression when he first installed them but it has since stopped. I had started the thread linked above to see if anybody has done 295/30 PSS's on an E92 yet, but it doesn't sound like anybody has (or they're not a forum member). Once my stock Pirellis wear out on my E92 I'm likely going to switch to a 275/30 and 295/30 PSS combo to see how it drives.