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Review: ACM OEM Modified Exhaust

Hi All-

Recently installed an OEM modified exhaust by ACM. It came with the full bells and whistles (Titanium Tips, Blacked Out Can). Big thanks to ACM for the work they did on my car and the great service delivered! If you're in the tri-state, you should check them out.

-Find an exhaust that sounds more aggressive than stock, but neither drones or is too loud for my taste (i.e. Race exhaust).

Strategy / Process of Vetting
-Listen to a variety of aftermarket exhausts in-person (Eisenmann Race, Magnaflow, Active Autowerke Sig, Remus, etc.)
-Compared to ACM OEM Modified Exhaust
-Compare benefits of pricing, looks, performance, etc.

Outcome / Results
-Expectations were met and exceeded (i.e. Looks, sound, fitment, ease of install). I was able to save and spend on other aftermarket "must-haves", with change left to spare.

Note: The blue tips and blacked out can from behind the car look very stealth (tips even look carbon from the back). When you walk up to the sides a bit the blue tips really add to the edge of the look (especially on JBZ or an ILB car)

What does it sound like?
See this forum link from ACM (video with HD vid on moving car).

To confirm, it does not drone and sounds great inside the cabin. It's not too intrusive, but still delivers the V8 howl and depth you'd expect. It is not "tame" by any stretch of the imagination. I'd have to say more aggressive then M Perf. but below Race Exhaust set-ups. So a nice happy medium.
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