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"The differences you are assuming that will exist are only the natural consequence of twenty years of distance between now and then."
There are plenty of cars like this with easily controllable cornering behaviors that have been made over the past two decades, does that make them spiritual successors to the E30 if this is the only criteria?
I don't care if this Subaru is the spiritual successor to the E30 or not, honestly... that statement is not even mine.

As for your question... the answer is yes! All rwd front engined cars with easily controllable cornering behaviors are "spiritual successors to that E30's trait".

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I could go into why the 911 is so great, and makes so much sense to me, but that's for a day where I feel like writing a Great Wall of Text.
Don't take the trouble... if the 911 concept would make any sense as the pinnacle of sports/race/track car all the F1 cars in history would have been rwd rear engined cars (engine behind the rear axle)... I don't even remember a single one with that configuration but certainly you can point me one.

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As for the 1M's air curtains, I believe they're largely a matter of marketing and unique design. If they wanted to decrease the Cd by a significant amount, they would've employed an aerodynamically-optimized undertray with a real diffuser, and they would've decreased the amount of intake space up front. It's pretty obvious to see that the car isn't the most aerodynamic shape in the world.
There is one main reason for that: the car uses the M3 much wider track and wheels!

The amount of intake space up front is necessary to cool down the engine by means of bigger radiators. If you look closer you'll see that the 1M and the Z4 35is (which has the very same engine) have roughly the same amount of intake space up front because the famous double-kidney grille is much bigger on the Z4 than on the 1M.

That's the reason why the drag coefficient of the Z4 35is isn't much better than that of the 1M, despite of the fact that the Z4 is significantly lower - Cd = 0.35!

Just out of curiosity, the Subaru is even lower than the Z4, 1285mm against 1291mm!!!