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hey <---what a lame way to start a post

anyways, my name is Derick. I am in the AF stationed in Maryland. I recently sold my Mitsubishi Evo X with hopes to save up money to get an E92 M3 (08-09). I loved the Evo, it was a good "bang for your buck" performance car but i just got tired of dumbing money into to make it fast enough to keep with, lets saaaaaay, a M3 on the highway lol. And honestly it seems like the natural progression is from Evo to m3. I am now scooting around in a 03 BMW 525i until i save up enough to get into my next dream car. I've always loved BMWs my 525 runs like a champ.

Since i am looking to get an 08 i know i will probably get one that is about to run out of warranty. where there any recalls or common issues with the 08-09 M3?? i enjoyed the car stock, but does mods easily pull power out of this car (i.e. exhaust, tune)?? it wont be a DD so im sure i can make it last for a while, as long i keep up wit routine maintenance. I test drove one already and fell in love, thats all i talk about now, hence this long ass rant! whats the overall morale of the M3 drivers?? uuuuhhhhhhhh......its 6am so thats all i got for now.

thanks in advance