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Why the FT-86 could be a successor of the M3 E30 is because most of the car enthusiasts want a car LIKE the M3 E30: not very powerfull, but light and enough practical. Today such car does not exist (new). There is no more RX-8, S2000, the 1 Series M is still to heavy, the Cayman too expensive and the Lotus not very practical for daily drive. Other cars are turboed and FWD. I can't think of any other car that is similar to the M3 E30 other than the TOYOBARU. The other only rival of the FT-86 is the MX-5. Light and fun, but not that fast.

M3 E30/FT-86
Body: 2 doors + trunk/coupé
Seats: 4/2+2
Engine: N/A ~ 2l 4 cylinders, ~ 200 PS
Layout: front engine, rear drive
Weight: ~ 1200 kg