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For a better understanding of the issue look up the term HENRY=High Earner Not Rich Yet. At 34 he has not had time to build real wealth yet. Could he buy a $170K car, probably. Should he buy that car right now, that is between him and his financial advisor.

Also as others have said there is a significant difference between $250K in California or New York vs. Kansas. A few years ago I was up for a promotion. I would have relocated from San Diego to Kansas. My wife started searching houses on and entered the price of our home and $250K below. Not one hit. At $500K-$750K lower there were four houses in the ENTIRE state. The one I remember was a 12K sqft house on 20 acres.

The one thing I call BS on is the sales guy waiting for an all cash offer. The dealership makes a LOT more money with financing. They simply could not get the deal done.