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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
^ Sounds like you need to do a bunch more side quests....something to do for your 2nd playthough. I'm about 40+ hours into the game and only 1/2 (guessing) though the main story. I've become an archmage and master in the Companions guild and currently working on leveling up smithing/enchating/alchemy to 100.

I have a feeling I'll be near completion of the game this weekend. But that's the beauty of this game, you can play how you feel fit (whether is questing, exploring, crafting, etc.)
  • finished first quest of Mage's Guild and a side quest; it's cool how some of the characters overlap. One the NPCs was like "How are things from the Thieve's Guild and then his tone switched when I activated the side quest and he treated me like a stranger. lol"
  • completed Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild. Dark Brotherhood was the least fleshed out IMO. A little disappointed. Companions and Thieves Guild were good.
  • thane of White Run; thane of Solitude. Moving is a bitch. I was really happy with my cozy home in White Run--knew the city like the back of my hand. But the place in Solitude is--Damn! Made multiple trips to bring my best loot over.
  • joined Empire, killed Ulfric--quite anticlimactic lmao...all dialogue options still assume he's alive w/ other NPCs...

I thought the Ulfric was part of the main quest so I'm happy that I barely started the actual main quest--just got situated in the Riverwood Inn and spoke with the owner if you know what I mean

With Oblivion I beat the main quest really early and I regretted so this time I am trying to accomplish as much as I'd like before I start and I am enjoying it a lot more. After Companions, I discovered a lot more locations and I think I read a book in some dungeon/cave that marked a lot of places on the map too.

Wish there were more Daedra hearts.


Also I found a few glitches with the Mannequins. I equipped the Mannequin in Brotherhood Sanctuary with a Daedric it respawns the armor.

Same with Solitude..both Mannequins respawn Dragonplate Shield and Daedric helmet. It's a bit random to be honest. It has nothing to do with the order with which you put items in. The Mannequin seems to just pick one or two items it really likes and just respawns it and equips it every time you enter your home...

So I guess, unless they patched it, be careful what you put into the Mannequin cause it may start duplicating your items. It won't duplicate it fully either. If you put a legendary/flawless item in, it will duplicate a regular version of the item.