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WTF just happened?

Lol, I was planning on going to Golden Corral, but then there was a knock on my back door. :shifty: No one uses the back door..

I was going up stairs to get some pants on and I told my wife to go get the door but look first. She looked and didnt see anything from eye level. I came back down stairs and there is a lil girl in our living room. :shifty: She was so nice and normal, I thought this was the most weird shit. She was saying we had a nice tv and nice bed and my wife is so DAMN nice, she took her upstairs and showed her the house.

I am like, first of all, this is someones kid and now shes in our house, GET this kid OUT of the house lmao. She came back with lil cute pieces of chalk and was writing on our cement pad outside lol. It was the weirdest/cutest/oddest thing thats ever happened to us ever. :rofl3:

Apparently shes like 3 doors down from us and her mom finally came and talked her into leaving lol, I was like its a good thing we're on a military installation man. Some weird Sunday morning craziness!

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