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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
Everybody has their own reality. 350k might be upper middle class in certain urban centers. But in the vast majority of the country, fly-over country, red states, all those places where, according to Obama, the great unwashed masses are clinging to their guns and bibles, 350k/year, especially if it was consistent year to year, would not ever be described with a phrase that included the words "middle class". Even if you put "upper" in front of it.
If you live in NYC, San Francisco or other high dollar area, then yeah, but that has more to do with what you spend to live, not what you make, and having blinders on and not being very aware of life outside your immediate circle. And it's what irritates the rest of us, the attitude from people that live in places like that... That it's normal to live in a half a million dollar condo or house and like to discuss whether they velet their car or not. It's not normal.
YES!!!!! It is the NY metro, and SF metro areas that are distorted in comparison to everyone else, not the other way around. The $500k SF one bedroom condo can get you 3000 sq ft with high ceilings, granite everything and almost an acre of land where I live (in today's market), and this is probably mid-level in terms of cost of living.

"unwashed masses clinging to thier guns and bibles"......LMFAO
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