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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
Yup, that's what I did as well. I also marked a line on the top of the grooves so I know what tooth to match it up with.
wow i just finished putting them in...What a pita!!..Midget hands is right hopefully i turned them all the way but can't get any leverage its dso tight. About the line up is there a certain way those go in in the slots .IF u look at it there $ led's if u twist them there 3 ways for them to be installed meaning that the led are in DIFFERENT POSITION !!..Example like 2 of less are facing one way etc...instaed of being screwed in the slots with 2 less on left and 2 others on right position Do ui follow? Is there any difference in lighting if that happens ...HELP !!! I NOTICED THAT THE INNER RINGS ARE WAY BRIGHTER THAN THE OUTTER RINGS BIG DIFFERENCE...!!!:thumb down:thumb down and color is on blue side!! but much brighter!.