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911 goes electric power steering

I think this is terrible
I have driven electric power steering and I cant see how it can be as good as hydraulic. I know BMW did something similar and reverted back after complaints, I just hope Porsche revert back too, its a shame such a great iconic car is now compromised because of this decision.

For the first time in 911 history, the 991 will switch to electric power steering. While most electric power steering units don't live up to Porsche standards, the company insists this system does. Not only will it reduce complexity and the number of hydraulic lines that run the length of the vehicle, but it also is more efficient, only drawing power when needed

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Not content with changing the way the 911 is built or extending its wheelbase, Porsche has not been afraid to meddle with the 911's most precious possession, one even more key to the car's character than its flat-6 engine. It has replaced the hydraulic power steering used by every 911 since assistance was introduced in 1989, with an electric system.

If this sounds like a minor, backstage detail, it's not. We have yet to drive a car that's been improved by electric steering, and driven plenty that have been ruined by it.

Moreover, Achleitner freely admits that the steering of a 911 is "the most important thing to get right." He says that he spoke to a huge number of suppliers and that ZF got the job because its system is so good, "you would not be able to tell it is electric."
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