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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
What the heck is your problem with Obama? You're an 18-yr old kid, you don't anything about communism, socialism, marxism, or what the Obama administration has actually done, or not done.

Tell me what the heck is going on with you and Obama? What has he done? What do you think he's done?

This keeps coming up over and over in every thread, yet when I press you about it, you say things like, "well he'd like to do X and Y", or "he wants to do A and B", which is actually just you projecting how you want to imagine him.

You know, GW Bush sent thousands of troops to die for no good reason, he condoned warantless wiretapping, he passed laws restricting the personal rights of individuals, he stuck a bunch of people in Guantanomo with no plan
to ever try them. He stood by while companies were going bankrupt, he added to our foreign oil dependence, and scoffed at climate change. He tried to push Christianity into US law. These are all things to be furious about. So what is burning you up about Obama?

What is your problem with the kid. Obama just destroyed a$7B pipeline that will help us reduce our independence of foreign oil not including the amount of american jobs it will take to produce it and you are just another pissed of liberal. The man is no leader. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

We need a strong leader and a strong america and not a liberal bringing down America around the world.

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