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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Ok, read both manuals. Definitely a bit of work. I wouldn't take the bumper off as I don't think that's necessary. Other than that it's just mostly the usual running of wires from back to console and front to console. Just time consuming more than anything. I also see some shortcuts that could be taken. They also fail to mention that they are doing that on an E90 where the rear seats fold down so for E92s it will be a bit more time involved. All-in-all I hope it's worth the effort. My biggest concern is the dash pieces. I have all the tools needed but prying on plastic parts always gives me the chills.
If you are going to install the front camera, you have to take the bumper off. There is really no way to take the center grill piece off without removing the bumper. If you have somebody with tiny hands who can get behind the bumper it might work but it's way easier to take the bumper off as it takes about 15min or less ...

All E92 cars have folding seats. It won't be any more work than on E90 ... You simply need to remove the side leather cushion by pulling it forward and it will be good to remove the RT seat cushion as well ... Takes about 2-3 min at the most.


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