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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
What the E30 achieved IS what this Subaru aims to... which is the sense of driver control:

"That the car can be very controllable during a slide. In other words, that you can be able to control precisely the weight distribution using the brake and gas, maximizing the joy out of a corner."

The differences you are assuming that will exist are only the natural consequence of twenty years of distance between now and then.

A boxer engine is not a typical engine... why do you think Porsche uses it in the 911 till today?! Because it lowers the height of its center of gravity which is of paramount importance when most of the car's weight is shifted to the rear, behind the rear axle. That's the reason why the 911 doesn't make any sense to me... it really looks like an 'hammer'. If it wasn't for the boxer engine, the car would be even more difficult to control in a bend than it already is despite all the gadgets that Porsche uses to make it more accessible to drive.

Also, if you think about that agressive 1M's front fat flares you'll see that they kill the vehicle's aerodynamic and that's the reason why BMW try to compensate for using the so-called 'Air Curtain System' to channel the air around the front wheels, but it only helps slightly. The 1M drag coefficient (Cd) is 0.37 and the "air curtains" drop that by about 0.01 only.

When you compare that figure to Subaru's Cd = 0.27 (a Prius is 0.25) you can clearly see how good its aerodynamic also is and without the need of any gadgets:

This car is built with very neat engineering.
I find it funny that it has such a large spoiler and then also claims that the coefficient of drag is only 0.27. Spoilers typically are used for creating downforce, thus creating drag. If there is so little drag, then what is that Spoiler really doing up there sitting so high.

But, this car looks good. And I hardly am moved by most Japanese cars, from a looks/style perspective. But if that is a Concept with the intention to build, I would consider owning that car.