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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
Here is my input. Go to a small town, find out how many banks they have. Scout them out, see which is the busiest. Next, spend a few days driving around, and check how many patrols seem to be out at one time. Drive by the police station, and check how many cars are still in the lot.

Scout work done, time to move on. Here comes your diversion. Nothing EVER happens in small towns. EVER. Time for your big plan. You want to create at least two diversions at one time, it will be more than enough to tie the police up.

Here are your next steps:

1. Get a couple throw away phones.
2. Get an old car (doesn't even need to run) and fire starting material.
3. These need to be done close to the same amount of time.
a. Call in a rape on one side of town.. Police will drop everything and scramble.
b. On the other side of town, start that car on fire. Put it somewhere in major public, but don't be seen. Calll it in and say you heard and explosion, people injured, and a car on fire. Now everyone is busy.
4. Go to the bank with the most business... run in and fire some rounds in the ceiling, element of surprise style. In a small town, their first instinct will not be to hit and security stuff. Get behind the counter as fast as you can.
5. Get the fuck out of there. Wash and repeat over the next few days. Maybe even switch towns. I've heard of 'serial' robbers who bust like 20 small town banks before they get cocky and get caught.

Again, for entertainment purposes only.
You must live in Mayberry with two cops lol