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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
But the S2000 and the Miata are not 4 seaters, nor they have a decent boot.

Also, the E30 road version power started at 200PS then 218PS (both with 2.3L four banger) and finally 238PS (with the 2.5L engine version).

I can see the same trend for this Subaru...
The concept is similar in a way, but this car clearly looks focused on sporting pretenses first; its low-slung body and sportscar attributes make it more similar to an RX-8. I'm only debating Levi's proposed idea that this is more of a spiritual successor, when this car is built from the ground-up as a 2+2 sportscoupe, not a hotted-up version of a family car.

The E30 M3 wasn't as stiffly sprung as people might think, and it still retained limitations based on its chassis's origin. Its primary quality was its ability to remain balanced in corners to maximize speed and carry momentum. I'm not digging on the car—I still think it's one of the all time best collecters cars, but its legendary status garners too much hype that seems to be a product of people glorifying the past.
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