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Washing car at carwash port and waxing at home

I love washing and detailing my car at home, but I was told that I am no longer allowed to do this in our community. I was thinking about going to a carwash port to hand wash. I don't want to claybar and wax at the carwash port (I would rather be at home).

Can I get some opinions/suggestions on driving the car home and then using the claybar and waxing?(i.e. it's ok once in a while - or not recommended...). The drive home would only be 5 minutes. Would driving home and subsequently using the claybar and applying wax be more detrimental than helpful to the paint compared to not doing these steps immediately after washing (and drying)? I'm thinking yes since obviously dust, dirt etc can collect and could cause more harm when claying and waxing.

Obviously, I'm thinking the best answer is to go to a friends house where there isn't this water restriction and doing it all there, but any other ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.