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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
The 4 door M3 (E90) will be quite a bit cheaper than the E92 M3.

Look at the equivalent engined E90's and E92's. The coupes are always more expensive.

Look at the price difference between the M5 and the M6.

Not a chance is the E90 going to be the same price as the E92.
Hope your right

but fifthstreetz idea is great, cheaper base by a couple of ŁK but then the option to have CF!!!:rocks:

and i do understand the principal that coupe should be sportier than the sedan for bragging rights etc, that would be ok for the normal range, but we are talking M! it should not matter if it is 2 or 4 door, it should have the best materials on it (within reason) as when you buy n M you are buying the BEST!

and if people are looking to spend that kind of money they want as much of the gadgets as poss!! not feel like they have to shell out more for something that is standard on the other car and which is in the same range (M range)

the mirors CF air vents on wing and bulge on hood these defrentiate the M3 from the standard range, if you start taking the major bits of to reduce the price, it just becomes a standard 3 series (almost visualy atleast) then people like me who have to have the 4 door would def think twice!