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Originally Posted by driersheets View Post
alright bank expert
+1 haha

Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
not going to contribute to this thread. they are definitely watching.... or at least, if they werent before, they are now. nice job jackasses, they gonna be all over us.
You just contributed. Thanks!

Originally Posted by driersheets View Post
ive worked at a bank too brah haha i know how shit works
Tell me more.

Originally Posted by Comet View Post
my bank got held up today actually

guy walked up to the teller and said "fill this envelope if you don't want to get hurt"
the bank's policy is just to hand the guy under 1,000$ and be done
so she did just that.. she put ~600$ in the envelope and the guy walked away

it happened about 2hrs before I got to my bank and the manager was telling me about it (friend). The police were going over the security cams and dusting for prints but odds are they won't catch the guy.
True story?

Originally Posted by iBoost View Post
Inb4 guys in this thread upgrade to m3s
lol wat?

EDIT: I see what you did there.