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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
But the cayman is mid engine and this little guy is front....

As Jason Barlow said in TopGear Issue 142, June 2011:

Few things in life are as much fun as a properly sorted front-engined, rear-drive car on a familiar road.

Originally Posted by Robert View Post
no turboz? That means it won't be anywhere near the 300hp of existing STI line up
As for yet... Don't forget Walter Röhrl's words though:

But if I have to go on a racetrack I prefer normally aspirated. Because, especially if it's raining it's much more precise with the throttle, you can really make very exact things.


With a normally aspirated, it is so nice, every touch influence what the car is doing.

Nevertheless, as Advevo has so well put it, the first specs you should always look for in a sports car is the weight.

To which I add... how the weight is distributed and how high is its center of gravity. Then, you can care about the unsprung mass.

That's where your main focus should be!

Finally, if you think about its price tag this Subaru represents, as a true sports car, the best compromise I've come across in a long... long... long time!

Man, I think I have to wait for Spring 2012... this simply seems to be too good to be missed!

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