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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
I mean a fully loaded E92 335i convertible costs about 50K.
You've got to be out of your mind. a e92 335i vert starts at 49,100 and a fully loaded 335i vert is a bit over 60k. I am going to geuss the m3 will start about 63-64 which would be about 48% price difference from the 335i. the m3 will not be cheap and will be near 911 terratory and will NOT BE close to the m5 territory(in terms of price). off topic- when did anyone ever buy the m5 or m6 for their performance? its too heavy to be a performer and too ugly to be called an exotic. its a waste of money. the m3 on the other hand give your more performance per buck. its lighter, more nimble, and much more attractive.

But, weighing all odds, i would NEVER get a m3 if it exceeds 60k range. A BMW will need much more time and experience to build a performance car worth 60k+. I'd rather give my business to Porsche.

Anyways back to the op- I really wished you would have recorded the drive to see just how well the bmw handles. It sure sounds like you had a good drive.
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