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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Odd, it looks like you just took some jabs at Porsche...oh but it's ok I'll be the bad guy on this one...first point, we are not talking about porsche, their marketing and their branding, we talking about components of a supercar, I agreed on performance, but to say that the GT-R is exclusive or that the GT-R is rare is a gross over estimation of the actual situation. I'm going by the information that is readily available on NAGTROC and websites like or autotrader.

I'm not trying to engage anyone in an argument, just trying to bring a little reality into the thread. Rare, Exclusive are not the GT-R especially given the buyers market owith GT-Rs right now.

A true rare and exclusive car would not lose any value and be very difficult to come by and very highly sought after, example again the GT2 selling out almost instantly upon release.

Nothing against the GT-R, or your GT-R, amazing really is.
Leasing a GTR will set you back $1300 a month. That really isn't available to the masses. Simple demand and supply. Just because it cost 95k, doesn't mean it's 'available to the masses'. That's a mortgage payment. If you have a GT-R you're

1.) An enthusiast
2.) Very well off.

P.S. Just because people with an M or 6 series can afford the GT-R, doesn't mean they will. The GT-R is a sports car. The M3 is a sporty cruiser and the 6 series is just a cruiser. Can't really compare them.