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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
With that curb weight, should be a blast to drive.
Yes! Advevo, whom I respect very much and of whom I'm a BIG fan, summarized it very well:

I must say i am dissapointed in bmw.

First they bring a nice drivers car the CSL fantastic but with a price tag on it were you almost get hartattack off. Less weight less luxury is higher price because rich people will pay it anyway.

But were is the bmw for the drivers enthusiast. The e30.

Ok next try the new 1 series coupe. I was looking forward to that i dream about that car. A smaller drivers car with a proper engine in it for a nice price. That could be it. Ok here are the specs first i always look for is the weight. My dream was over in a blink of an eye 1560kg for a smaller car what should be a drivers car.

Every car which is above 1300kg you really feel and it s nimble and agile feeling is gone.

So up to the next dissapointment i quess the M1.

350 hp M1 at 1500 kg plus and again a price on it were you need to sell youre house for.