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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
You are incorrect, the Sport Auto test is with a 2011 GT-R. the 2012 has additional upgrades and performance improvements over it..

Your tire assumption is incorrect too. The Sport Cup N-spec that is used on the GT2 RS is 80 treadwear and classified as "Track and Competition" tires. The SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT on the GT-R are 200 treadwear "Extreme Performance" tires comparable to say a RE11 or AD08. Not in the same league at all.

As for "street legal", just about anything can be street legal. These Hoosier slicks are DOT approved for street use too. At 40 treadwear, it won't last you a month of daily street driving.
Your posts are giving me a headache, are you saying that those tires are not the OEM tires, because they are. Nissan can choose to change OEM tires, just as easily as they chose to up the HP on the GT-R.

You are getting off track here, no pun intended but really my comparison to the GT2 was about exclusivity and a car being rare.

I've yet to see a compelling argument proving that the GT-R is exclusive or rare.

Oh and, does anyone else find it annoying that as soon as you find a car faster than a GT-R, people respond with 2012 GT-R, I bet in 2012, they will be saying 2014 GT-R Until the GT-R posts up a faster time at the N-ring, you can't say that it is faster than say an LFA or a GT2 both cars are very exclusive and very rare.