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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
70k for used? Try closer to mid 60s if not lower. The exclusivity is not there just by virtue of price range. I would say most of the members on M3post can swing a GT-R, the same is not true of a Turbo S or other cars in the 'exclusive' frame (458 italia etc). The GT-R is within the grasp of the masses, not exclusive that is my point, not rare either. Plenty of GT-Rs available to be purchased, plenty of 'anybodys' owning them.

Very different from the exclusivity of owning a GT2, for example.
And the GT-R is faster than said 911 GT2 at the Nurburgring in Germany where the men are separated from the boys?

Really, going back to your college students owning GT-Rs. I don't know where you go to college but I could barely afford to go eat out for dinner in college let alone afford a $2K/month car payment?

I dunno what world you live in, but I'd love to join you. We can frolick in the fields of rainbows and unicorns together.