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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
70k for used? Try closer to mid 60s if not lower. The exclusivity is not there just by virtue of price range. I would say most of the members on M3post can swing a GT-R, the same is not true of a Turbo S or other cars in the 'exclusive' frame (458 italia etc). The GT-R is within the grasp of the masses, not exclusive that is my point, not rare either. Plenty of GT-Rs available to be purchased, plenty of 'anybodys' owning them.

Very different from the exclusivity of owning a GT2, for example.
Your posts never cease to crack me up with the subtle jabs at the GTR at every turn.

First off, lets look at the numbers.
The GTR is NOT as common as a 3 series bmw, civic, or even an m3. not by a long shot. theres what 6k sold in the USA since its coming to the US shores?

As far as porsche goes, with the gt2 sure, youre right but the problem with Porsche is that they are almost as common as a civic. With thousands of boxters and the years the general bodystyle has been out, it tends to bore many who look for "exclusivity".
This is why the GTR stands out. Your under no confusion as to what it is in the nissan line. Its distinct and polarizing..

Also lets look at what the average American is making in comparison to even owning said car(s) especially in this economy. I believe the "masses" is a gross overstatement. And 60k for most HIGH mileage 09s. No where near the performance of the 2012s..mind you.

Stop acting like the GTR is as common as a prius dude...