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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
At nearly $100K for a new car and $70K for used examples, I don't know how this is affordable to most people and students? If you finance that, you'll end up with a payment that is greater than some people's home mortgages.
70k for used? Try closer to mid 60s if not lower. The exclusivity is not there just by virtue of price range. I would say most of the members on M3post can swing a GT-R, the same is not true of a Turbo S or other cars in the 'exclusive' frame (458 italia etc). The GT-R is within the grasp of the masses, not exclusive that is my point, not rare either. Plenty of GT-Rs available to be purchased, plenty of 'anybodys' owning them.

Very different from the exclusivity of owning a GT2, for example.

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